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Report: "The next 25 years"

What should be done so that Poland catches up with the West?

On the 1 January 1990, a package of economic and political reforms. After impressive economic growth in the past quarter-century, the next 25 years does not look quite so good. If Poland does not improve the labor market, the tax system, and public finances, the growth will be markedly slower than in the years 1989-2014.

We can not afford such a scenario. That is why the Civil Development Forum has prepared a report on the growth of the Polish economy that includes both a detailed diagnosis and recommendations for changes that should be implemented to catch up faster with the West.

The report answers to, among others, such questions as: How far has Polish economy been growing? What are the forecasts for its further growth? Why, without free-market reforms, will economic growth slow, the workforce diminish and the level investment stay low? How to increase investment and restore high rates of productivity growth?

The pace of economic growth is fundamental to quality of life, particularly for countries like Poland that need to make up for lost time. Only high economic growth will allow to satisfy material needs and raise faster the standard of living in our country to that of other in Western Europe. Polish position in the world depends primarily on the strength of our economy. In troubled times economic growth is the best guarantee for improving our security.

Development of the report:

Author - Aleksander Łaszek
Supervision - Leszek Balcerowicz and Andrzej Rzońca
Contributors - FOR Team