"We promote freedom"


What do we do?

We are a think-tank. The basis of our work is a thorough analysis of most areas of economic policy and law and, going beyond diagnosis, creation of recommendations for the government and the public.

Research and analysis. We prepare reports and analyses of economic policy in Poland. We analyze trends and publications worldwide. In addition, we comment on current events affecting the economy: in particular we criticize decisions adverse to economic freedom and support solutions that are beneficial for it. The touchstone for us is commitment to long-term economic growth and respect for the rule of law.

Communication. We want to reach the widest possible public audience and decision makers. We participate in public consultations, and above all, we are active in the media, where several times a week our experts present results of our analyses. We are active in social media and on the Internet.

Special Events. We organize thematic seminars, conferences and meetings with experts for students, businessmen, and journalists. Under the brand name FOR Recommends we promote and co-publish books and audiobooks by Polish and foreign authors. We cooperate with many institutions for which, as for us, the reduction of state interference in the economy and in the lives of citizens is an important part of improving life in Poland.

Education. We organize a series of educational events, including the Schools of Leszek Balcerowicz for students and Economic Comic Books - one of the largest educational projects dedicated to the Polish schools.

The Civil Development Forum Foundation FOR was founded by Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz in 2007. The bodies of FOR are the Council and the Executive Board. The Council monitors the activities of FOR and sets out the main lines of action. The Executive Board directs the daily activities of FOR. In the conduct of its activities FOR observes the principles of transparency, political neutrality, and quality; its operation is not-for-profit, as specifically regulated in the Code of Ethics of the FOR Foundation . The rules and conditions for accepting donations, legacies, grants and subsidies and obtaining income from other sources compatible with the statutes of the Foundation, including the management of the reserve fund, are regulated in the Code of Good Practice in Financing of the FOR Foundation.