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Tax Calculator

Billions and millions of zloty, that are being discussed in the Parliament, are only abstract numbers for the majority of Poles. At the same time, every day we pay much more tangible taxes, the cause of numerous complaints. Therefore, the Civic Development Forum (FOR) has prepared its Tax Calculator, so that anyone can estimate how much money he pays -in the form of various taxes and contributions - for the maintenance of the state. The tool shows also how and in what proportion the state spends the proceeds on pensions, health, education, administration and others.

The aim of the portal SprawdzPodatki.pl is to show that our taxes and public spending are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, one cannot responsibly talk about lowering taxes, without accompanying reduction in expenditure; and similarly one cannot talk about the growth of public spending without raising taxes.

In addition to the personal income tax, our pay it is burdened by all sorts of contributions; some of them, formally speaking, are paid by the employer, some by the employee. In practice, however, this division is artificial – in reality the employee is  primarily interested how much money they will receive “at hand", while for the employer the most important is the total cost of  an employee.

The tax calculator user enters the approximate amount of  monthly spending on goods and services and FOR calculator allows him to estimate how much VAT and excise duty he pays.

After calculating the approximate amount of taxes and contributions, the user gets a picture how the state spends the revenues.

Thanks to the tax calculator each user can generate their own personalized Bill from the State .Just visit www.SprawdzPodatki.pl and follow the instructions.

The original tax calculator has been prepared by Lithuanian Free Market Institute. FOR has adopted the application to the Polish conditions.