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Book "Discovering freedom 2. In defense of reason"

The publication "Discovering Freedom 2. In Defense of Reason” is a collection of articles by liberal scholars discussing the fundamental issues of individual freedom and its impact on the development of societies. It is a continuation of the compilation of texts on freedom titled "Discovering freedom. Against the enslavement of minds” published in 2012.

Texts cover a wide array of topics: What kind of systems to the greatest extent guarantee freedom to the people? What is the relationship between economic freedom and democracy? How does free market capitalism contribute to economic development? Why, despite empirical evidence of the effectiveness of the capitalist economic system, its criticism is still alive? How to introduce economic transformations towards capitalism and how has capitalism changed the world?

In the book, among others:

  • Why are we not all happy, rich, wise and married? – explained by David Friedman
  • How markets empower women? - Chelsea Follett researches
  • Why do we need human rights? - ponders Leszek Kołakowski
  • On the relationship between freedom and property - writes Ludwig von Mises
  • Why is economics can’t explain the modern world? - wonders Deirdre N. McCloskey
  • Culture of Liberty - Mario Vargas Llosa defends globalization
  • Who are the liberals? - describes Mirosław Dzielski
  • Economics in One Lesson – given by Henry Hazlitt
  • Why is the statist deviation in the economy dangerous? - explains Leszek Balcerowicz
  • Against utopias that threaten freedom - warns Jan Winiecki
  • Politics without romance - outlines James M. Buchanan

The selection of texts for the book and preface was prepared by Leszek Balcerowicz. Marcin Zieliński - FOR’s economist is the editor of the publication.

The book was published by the Civil Development Forum Foundation and the Czerwone i Czarne Publishing House, thanks to the financial support of the partners: the Economic Freedom Foundation and Sebastian Kulczyk.

You can order the publication in FOR’s online store at: www.SKLEP.FOR.ORG.pl

The book is accompanied by extensive internet promotion - including a series of podcasts about freedom with invited guests and meetings with Leszek Balcerowicz all over Poland. The details of the campaign will be updated on an ongoing basis on the link to be found below.