"We promote freedom"


About Us

The Civil Development Forum Foundation (FOR) was established in March 2007 by Professor Leszek Balcerowicz. The foundation is governed under Polish law with its Council (a non-executive supervisory body) and its Executive Board.

The mission of FOR is to increase citizenns active participation in supporting the programs that will foster rapid and sustainable development in Poland.

The main FOR's objective is to support the social, educational and scientific activities undertaken for the benefit of democratic institutions in Poland as well as to undertake ventures aimed at growth of involvement of the Polish society in activities supporting rapid and stable of growth of Poland and establishing principles of the democratic law-governed state and to act for the benefit of development of civil consciousness and economic growth.

The above-stated goals is to be achieved through the effective execution of two overlapping activities:

  • fostering civic activity with respect to the groups which until now have shown little interest in public life,
  • economic and civic education and information in clear and effective form to communicate the possible opportunities and threats arising from various policies.

Since 2007 FOR has realized several projects within those two above-mentioned spheres of activities and has reached a high level of expertise. Most of them were implemented in cooperation with other non-governmental organisation, business organisations and media.

FOR is experienced in organising, coordinating and promoting social campaigns throughout Poland. In 2007 the foundation acted as a secretary to the coalition of non-governmental organisations responsible for a successful public awareness campaign "Change your country. Go vote". In 2009 the foundation in co-operation with other organizations was encouraging citizens to voting in the European Parliamentary elections throughout "Centre of Europe" campaign. A key element of the projects was the communications strategy which encompasses media (television, press, the Internet) and local initiatives.

FOR - by basing its activity on the reliable sources of knowledge and its own research - focus on the most attractive form of mass communication to eradicate false beliefs in favor of ideas rooted in reliable research theory and international experience.

In 2008 FOR organized "Global Entrepreneurship Week" in Poland in co-operation with PKPP Lewiatan, Association of Marketing Communication SAR and Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation. The organizers planned various activities, including a global contest for entrepreneur of the year, an international business game, an exhibition highlighting the accomplishments of companies that are leaders in innovation, meetings with businesspersons, workshops, seminars, local contests and television debates.

The foundation published many reports providing an in-depth analysis of Polish economic and political systems, such as "How to strengthen entrepreneurship in Poland?", "What Polish school do (not) learn?". FOR published also several studies aimed at students who want to broaden their knowledge (e.g. public deficit, financial market). Materials are factually accurate, inspirational in form and the result of close cooperation between social scientists and public communication professionals.

FOR with media partners organized debates that took the form of the cycle of meetings with experts and the public, where invited guests discussed various economic issues. Records of the debates was published in The Wall Street Journal Polska.

FOR organize also "Contest for a Comic on Economics". This open contest is directed towards both amateurs and professionals alike. There are seven topics concerning economic issues, e.g. inflation, savings and investments, taxes, early retirement pensions, privatization. In 2008 the contest was a great success and it will be continued this year.

The core of FOR information and education activities take place on the Internet and via national and local media networks. The foundation cooperates with many experts from various background, e.g. non-governmental sector, academia, business and media. There are over 20 young volunteers and interns who contribute to the work of the foundation. FOR follows in the footsteps of the most renowned public policy think tanks in the West. FOR closely cooperates with organizations from Poland and abroad.