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About the project

Civil Development Forum FOR analyzes drafts of EU directives, regulations and other documents with regard to their effect on economic freedom and civil liberties, and first of all, with regard to their influence on the long-term growth of Poland and other EU members.

At the time of creation, four fundamental freedoms (free movement of persons, goods, services and capital) were among the EU foundations. However, the EU currently implements programs that exert excessive interference by its institutions and countries in the market mechanism and our liberties. The EU should be an area of economic and civil freedoms, instead of being governed by more and more detailed, life impeding regulations.

An important part of the activities of FOR related to the EU policy consist not only of our own analyzes, but also of  translations of analyzes of the German think-tank Centrum für Europäische Politik.

We believe that the EU should be reformed and not destroyed. Reforms mean strengthening its pro-market and liberal foundations, including the common EU market.


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