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EPICENTER: FOR will join network of leading European think tanks

EPICENTER: FOR will join network of leading European think tanks

EPICENTER is proud to announce that two well respected organisations, FOR from Poland and CEPOS from Denmark, will join our network of leading European think tanks. Our joint initiative will be led by EPICENTER new Director, Diego Zuluaga. EPICENTER is reinforcing its close collaboration throughout Europe to ensure the presence of a strong free market voice in Brussels.

Our two new members share our common vision of a society based on economic freedom, individual liberties, and limited government intervention. As with all think tanks in our network, FOR and CEPOS are non-partisan and do not accept any government funding. To oversee the expansion of the network, EPICENTER is delighted to announce that our new Director will be Diego Zuluaga.

EPICENTER was launched in October of 2014, by six free-market think tanks throughout the EU. Since then, it has been active in the European policy debate, providing a free-market perspective on topics including the digital economy, trade policy, energy security and competition, financial regulation, free movement and welfare, and public health.

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