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13 stycznia  2022 r.

Kim Iskyan: Smart gambling – that is, strategic, mathematical, systematic, and analytical – has a lot in common with successful investing. And through that prism, “the market is like a casino” isn’t a damning indictment… it’s more of a compliment and an invitation.

American Consequences: Learning From Poker… What Gambling Can Teach Us About Investing

13 stycznia 2022 r.

Harry Wilkinson:   What is so frustrating is that people shouldn’t have to be paying to go green at all, because environmental objectives can be achieved while cutting costs for consumers at the same time. But they are already paying more because of badly designed policies.

1828: The government can no longer take for granted public support for Net Zero

13 stycznia  2022 r.

Arkadiusz Sieroń:  Warto zauważyć, że potrzeba osiągania wysokiego statusu jest stała, i nie jest jasne, dlaczego obecny ustrój gospodarczy miałby być modyfikowany z myślą o minimalizacji lęku o status. Choć może on w gospodarce rynkowej prowadzić do napięć psychologicznych, to jednak generuje on w tym systemie istotne pozytywne efekty zewnętrzne w postaci chociażby wzrostu gospodarczego, o czym pisali już Mandeville czy Smith.

Instytut Misesa: Ekonomia lęku

13 stycznia 2022 r.

Emily Stewart:   If you buy into the idea that a lot of this investing is pretty divorced from reality, then the question is how long this lasts. For now, the music’s still playing, so people are dancing. How long the song keeps going depends on how long the people holding onto the assets can keep singing.

Vox : Money has never felt more fake

6 stycznia  2022 r.

Matt Welch: D emocratic self-governance requires a certain modicum of citizen self-respect. If elected executives can lie with impunity, they will lie with impunity, and the chances of those lies turning out somehow to be "noble" are roughly slim, none, and fat.

Reason: Joe Biden Would Be a Better President if He Stopped Saying Things That Aren't True

6 stycznia 2022 r.

Witold Kwaśnicki: Co rusz w popularnych gazetach, programach publicystycznych w telewizji czy radiu słychać niemalże jednobrzmiącą diagnozę: za wszystkie obecne kłopoty, za kryzysy ostatnich dekad odpowiedzialny jest neoliberalizm. Gorsze jednak, że w podobnym duchu publikowane są artykuły w wielu polskich czasopismach naukowych.

Obserwator Finansowy: Neoliberalizm – wszelkie zło tego świata?

6 stycznia  2022 r.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: T rotting out the evidence-free assertion that most people selling sex are actually victims being forced into it, they claim that arresting sex workers is the only way to save them—never mind the trauma that can come from arrest, the potential for police abuse, the danger inherent in jails (especially during a pandemic), or the fact that saddling someone with court fees and a criminal record is hardly the basis for expanded opportunities.

Reason: 'Should Police Arrest Sex Workers for Standing Around?' No, of Course Not.

6 stycznia 2022 r.

The Economist: The intention may have been good. But the result was that a complainant (who must be recorded as a “victim”) can report anyone for anything perceived to be hateful, with no requirement to provide evidence of objective harm. One of the judges hearing Mr Miller’s appeal remarked incredulously that it would be better to be charged with an actual hate crime, since that would mean the presumption of innocence.

The Economist: A legal ruling has big implications for free speech in England