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Better Taxes

Polish tax system is one of the worst in the European Union. This opinion is confirmed by both the experience of entrepreneurs and international studies. For example, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, recently found that 86 countries in the world have a tax system more business friendly Better regulations are, among others, in Tunisia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Namibia, and Bhutan - countries classified immediately before Poland.

Initiatives of the President and Minister of Economy, taken in the past year, testify to the increasing awareness of the disastrous quality of the tax system among state authorities. This gives a chance for its thorough repair. However, this chance can easily be missed. To prevent it, FOR begins a civil process of working out the necessary reforms. Our goal is to initiate work in areas previously not covered by government plans and to ensure the proper implementation of reforms in the areas where changes are planned by the government. We intend, jointly with other organizations, to develop good solutions and act to promote their rapid adoption. We believe that by 2020 the Polish tax system could become one of the most friendly in Europe to entrepreneurship, instead of being one of the most unintelligible and hostile to taxpayers, as of now.

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