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Rule of Law in Poland – English-language online resource on the backsliding of the rule of law in Poland

Since November 2015, Poland has experienced a number of detrimental changes to the justice system. The ruling majority has tightened its political grip on the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Court, the National Council of the Judiciary, common courts, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, increasingly intense pressure is being exerted on individual judges and […]

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Public Debt Clock

Why should we be intrested in public debt? For most of us, public debt, reaching almost trillion of Polish zloty and still rising, is an abstract amount. However, we should be aware that what is happening with public debt has a strong impact on our economy and thus, on our standard of living. First of […]

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Receipt from the State

For several years, the Citizens’ Development Forum has presented an annual “Receipt from the State”, which shows the structure of our country’s expenditures per capita. Preparing the PIT form, we see how much income tax we have to pay for the past year.  If we come to the conclusion that our taxes are too high, […]

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