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Mateusz Michnik

Mateusz Michnik

An economics student at the Warsaw School of Economics, as well as philosophy and cognitive science within the MISH program at the University of Warsaw. A graduate of the Leszek Balcerowicz School, a recipient of the Frédéric Bastiat Fellowship awarded by the Mercatus Center, a laureate of the Vernon Smith Prize organized by the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, and the winner of the Young Economist Competition of the Polish Economic Society. A member of Students for Liberty and the Polish Economic Society.

He approaches the analysis of reality with a holistic perspective and is deeply intrigued by the interdisciplinary approach to economics. He is an author of publications on the role of language, social capital, and morality in economics.

His primary interests encompass humanomics, populism, political economy, philosophy of economics, economic history, and, in his private life, he is a fan of Star Wars and men's fashion.

e-mail: [email protected]