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Marcin Zieliński appointed as FOR president

Since 28th of June, the work of the Forum of Civil Development Foundation (FOR) is led by Marcin Zieliński, current board member and chief economist. He replaced the former president, prof. Leszek Balcerowicz.

“Marcin Zieliński is an experienced economist who has been working with FOR for many years and has proven himself in the Foundation's board over the last six months. Therefore, I can hand over the management of the Foundation to him withfull confidence” says prof. Balcerowicz.

Marcin Zieliński joined the Civil Development Forum in 2017. In January this year, he was appointed a member of the Foundation's board and chief economist, which he still remains.

Together with Marcin Zieliński, Kinga Królik, who joined him in January 2023, will likewise remain on the board of the Foundation. Whereas prof. Leszek Balcerowicz returned on his position on the FOR’s Council.

“I would like to thank Professor Balcerowicz and the Foundation’s Council for their trust. It's a huge honor. We are one of the largest think-tanks in Poland, and the FOR’s mission is now more important than ever due to the upcoming elections. We will fight populism and promote a liberal perspective and common sense in the public debate,” declares the new president, Marcin Zieliński.

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