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Under the Guise of Openness, Solidarna Polska is Proposing Regulations Native to Russia and Hungary. NGOs as the Target


  • The draft law on transparency of NGO funding, known as Lex Woś, has received a print number and has been sent to the first reading in the Sejm.

  • The proposal by Solidarna Polska's MPs imposes numerous reporting, informational and administrative obligations on large NGOs, including the requirement to publish a register of contributions and contracts entered into, as well as information on the financing of individual projects.

  • The draft duplicates solutions put forward in 2020 and critically assessed as incompatible with the Polish Constitution, EU law and the European Convention on Human Rights; the provisions are confusingly reminiscent of solutions from Russia and Hungary deemed to violate human rights.

  • The real goal of the project is to reduce the ability of NGOs whose goals are not shared by those in power to function effectively; indeed, the obligation to share numerous pieces of information, including donors' personal data, threatens to undermine the ability of these organizations to raise funds to achieve their chosen goals.

  • The project's declared goal of increasing the openness of public life is an abuse; for its content and justification imply increased interference in the private lives of citizens and NGOs themselves.

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Patryk Wachowiec, FOR legal analyst

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