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Polish government's involvement in humanitarian aid will not unlock the National Recovery Plan (NPR)


  • The government is awaiting approval of Poland's National Recovery Plan by the European Commission in connection with their efforts to assist war refugees from Ukraine;

  • That's impossible - the NRP and the humanitarian aid provided by Poland (and in fact mostly by its NGOs and citizens) in connection with the war in Ukraine are two disconnected, unrelated issues;

  • The condition for unblocking the proceedings on the Polish NRP is to make real changes that guarantee the restoration of the rule of law and the independence of the disciplinary judiciary in Poland, and to recognize the primacy of EU law;

  • If the European Commission gives in to the Polish government, it will risk giving EU funds to a country that openly violates EU law;

  • Today, those in power are actually sabotaging Poland's chances of receiving money from the EU Recovery Fund by continuing to act in defiance of EU law and the Constitution.

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Eliza Rutynowska, FOR Lawyer

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