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More Disclosure Problems at the Constitutional Court - FOR Files a Complaint with the Provincial Administrative Court


  • In the asset declarations of Rafał Wojciechowski and Jarosław Wyrembak, persons occupying the positions of judges of Julia Przyłębska's Constitutional Tribunal, the information about employment at the university is blurred in a way that makes it impossible to read.
  • According to the case law of the administrative courts, information about a university lecturer is public information by the very fact of being employed at a public university; it is also standard practice for non-public universities to disclose the employer in an asset declaration.
  • In response to a request for access to public information, the President of the Constitutional Tribunal refused to provide information on the rationale behind withholding information on the employment of judges and gave an incomplete answer to the question of listing the places of employment of judges, which amounts to inaction on the part of the authority.
  • As a result, a complaint was filed with the Provincial Administrative Court against the inaction of the President of the Constitutional Tribunal in relation to access to public information.

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Piotr Oliński, FOR junior analyst

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