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Public finances

About the project

FOR proposes not to use the term "budget money" in our discussions but to talk about "taxpayer money" instead. After all, politicians do not spend their own money, but proceeds from taxes we pay. Cutting taxes without reducing high public spending would only increase the public sector deficit and consequently increase our national debt. It is we and our children that will be paying it back, rather than politicians. They usually increase public debt on our behalf, reducing at the same time our chances to quickly achieve the standard of living of developed countries.

In the area of ​​public finances FOR combines analytical research and educational campaigns. Projects such as "Bill from the State" or "Public Debt Clock" aim to bring the issues related to public finances to the awareness of citizens. In our study we look for areas where public expenditure can be reduced or made more efficient. At the same time, we monitor the activities of the government, assessing on a regular basis whether the proposed new laws strengthen or weaken the Polish public finances.. 

FOR offers advice how to limit public spending. Such limitation is the only responsible way, a way which will enable significant tax cuts, gradual repayment of public debt and long-term acceleration of Polish economic growth.  

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