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Labor market

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In the coming years the population of Poland will be one of the fastest aging in the European Union.   On the one hand, more people will reach the retirement age, on the other hand working-age population will shrink. Wrong government policy to increase taxation of young workers in order to fund higher pensions, may further aggravate the situation, and push them to emigrate. On the other hand, appropriate reforms would offset the negative impact of aging on economic growth and quality of life of Poles. Vast reserves arise from currently low employment to population ratio in Poland,  as compared to other EU countries. It is caused by the existence of many privileges allowing many to retire early and live at taxpayer expense. Many social transfers go to people who really do not need them. The cost of these benefits requires high taxation, which discourage people from legal work. Through activating the currently inactive people and through raising the retirement age, Poland would be able to avoid the negative consequences of population aging.

Regarding the ​​labor market, FOR studies government projects, analyzing whether they contribute to the growth of employment in Poland. At the same time, we research experiences of other countries, looking for good practices which, transferred to the Polish soil, would increase employment.

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