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About the project

Adherence to the rule of law, the base of a democratic state, still poses ongoing challenges. Therefore, FOR is active in the areas related to the construction and strengthening of democratic institutions in Poland. We take the view that the balance and separation of powers - legislative, executive and judicial - are the basis of democratic governance. That's why we speak out on matters that are important for the development of democracy, civil rights and freedoms.

 We point out  risks associated with the changes of law that disturb the system of checks and balances of power between the various authorities. We monitor the quality of legislative processes and watch decisions made by public institutions. When the state activities lack transparency, we exercise the right to access public information and then disclose the collected information. We pay close attention to cases where too much law is created and when its quality is low.

 Any change that damages democratic institutions has a negative impact on citizens. We clearly expose such changes, and try to prevent them, in the interest of individuals. We know that strengthening the rule of law has a positive impact on the Polish economy, its competitiveness as well as on the position of Poland in Europe and in the world. 

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