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Economic freedom

About the project

Economic freedom is of fundamental importance to the living conditions of all people. The operation of enterprises, that make up the strength of economy, depends on how broad is the scope of freedom. If companies are inefficient, the economy is less competitive. Enterprises are the stronger, the more competitive environment they operate in, and this benefits the consumer: prices are lower and the quality of goods and services higher. Competition is the foundation of any free market and a prerequisite for rapid economic growth.

Economic freedom can be restricted in many ways: e.g. excessive and harmful regulations or significant state ownership leading to politicization in the economy. Long-term maintained Restrictions on freedom maintained in the long run ends in economic stagnation or an economic crisis, as seen for instance in Greece.

Therefore, FOR conducts systematic, professional actions against anti-reform and illiberal pressures. We support proposals that increase the scope of freedom and individual responsibility. More economic freedom is the best recipe for faster growth and improved living conditions.

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