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Monitor of Economic Freedom

Monitor of Economic Freedom is a project of the Civil Development Forum which keeps an eye on proposals for new regulations, with particular attention to those most dangerous and most likely to enter into force: those submitted by the government.

Restrictions on economic freedom can take various forms. The government can directly prohibit certain activities, but it can also limit economic freedom in a more sophisticated manner, e.g., by setting minimum and maximum prices or through tax regulations favoring some companies over others. For the needs of the project, we adopted the classification of such restrictions that is consistent with the indicator PMR, introduced by the OECD to analyze the limitation of competitiveness.

Behind restrictions of economic freedom and competition there stand interest groups, thus gaining tangible benefits. It may appear paradoxical that new laws restricting economic freedom are still being adopted despite a general call for deregulation. But the paradox is only apparent - every restriction on economic freedom and competition is backed by specific groups that stand to gain. One of the objectives of the Monitor is to show reliably who loses and who profits from various restrictions of economic freedom.

If you know of an interesting issue, which should be covered by the monitor, you can submit your proposal to us through a form on our page.

Visit www.monitor.for.org.pl to learn more.

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