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National Recovery Plan – Lots of Spending, Little Real Reforms


  • The discussion of the "National Recovery Plan" focuses primarily on spending: where expenditures should be increased and where they should be cut. But reforms are equally important, understood as changes with a significant and long-lasting impact on market functioning or policy in some area.

  • The NRP contains a critical diagnosis of the structural problems facing our country. However, the solutions proposed by the government are insufficient. In many cases, the planned "reforms" are minor measures rather than comprehensive changes.

  • It is important for Poland to make proper use of the resources from the Recovery Fund, but this will not prevent the slowdown in economic growth that Poland is threatened with if appropriate reforms are not undertaken, which we wrote about in the FOR report Poland: Stagnation or Development? Jobs, the Rule of Law, Investments, Innovations.

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dr Sławomir Dudek, PhD, FOR Chief Economist

Rafał Trzeciakowski, Economist

Marcin Zieliński, Economist

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