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Presidential Law on the Supreme Court - More Arbitrariness, Less Independence


  • The President's proposed amendment allows for arbitrary appointments of acting Supreme Court justices without a vote of the justices of the chamber;
  • If the draft is adopted, new powers will also be given to the First President of the Supreme Court, who will be able to influence the allocation of cases and formations of judges in the case of rulings on discrepancies in jurisprudence that are of particular importance to the legal order of the Republic of Poland;
  • The President's law assumes loosening of regulations concerning remuneration of the Heads of the Chancellery of the First President of the Supreme Court and the President of the Supreme Court who directs the work of the Disciplinary Chamber, which will make them less transparent;
  • The law provides for the extension of the deadline for filing an extraordinary complaint and for the first term of jurors in the Supreme Court. Both experiments should be assessed as unsuccessful and it would be advisable to complete them within the time limits provided in the law on the Supreme Court.


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