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Piotr Oliński

Piotr Oliński

FOR legal analyst.

Liberal, law student at the University of Warsaw, graduated also from the School of German Law arranged by the law faculties of the University of Warsaw and the Rhenish Frederick William University in Bonn.

He gained experience, among others, in an international law firm, working with MPs and in the third sector.

Konrad Adenauer’s scholarship holder and participant of the Young Affiliate program at the Network for Constitutional Economics and Social Philosophy.

Author of scientific and editorial publications on the issues of economic freedom, the rule of law, regulations, competition and market solutions for the climate.

Research fields:

  • administrative law and administrative procedure
  • economic law
  • regulations and regulatory authorities
  • competition law
  • social market economy

e-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @olinskipiotrek

Selected FOR publications by Piotr Oliński: