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In the international freedom and democracy indexes, Poland is falling in solidarity with Hungary


  • According to international indicators evaluating various dimensions of democracy and freedom, Poland fares poorly in comparison with other post-socialist countries: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and clearly follows in the footsteps of the lowest-rated Hungary.
  • Over the last 5 years, Poland has seen a significant drop in scores for all of the analysed indicators.
  • From the leaders of the rankings for the analysed group of countries, Poland fell to one of the worst ranking places.
  • Such results are evidence of the deteriorating political stability, weakening ratings of civil liberties, political rights, and thus the deteriorating quality of democracy in Poland.
  • There are cases of indicators worsening in other countries of the region as well, however, with the exception of Hungary, these changes are not as significant as in Poland.
  • • The leaders of the rankings in recent years are Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.



dr Katarzyna Bentkowska, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Markets and Competition of the Warsaw School of Economics

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