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The parliamentary resolution on the EU budget negotiations is full of misrepresentations


  • On 19 November, the parliamentary majority (KP [Polish Coalition], PiS [Law and Justice], and Kukiz'15 deputies), in response to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's announcement expressed the day before, adopted a resolution "supporting the activities of the Council of Ministers in the budget negotiations of the European Union" 
  • In the resolution, the deputies evoke effusively-sounding statements about Poland's sovereignty and call for respect for the equality of EU member states and legal certainty in the context of the "money for rule of law" mechanism, referring to the principle of rule of law arising from EU law and the Polish Constitution 
  • • Despite its solemn tone, the resolution contains numerous misrepresentations regarding the proposal to link the disbursement of EU funds with respect for the rule of law, the assessment of changes introduced by the ruling majority in the judiciary and the principles of Poland's membership in the EU 



Patryk Wachowiec, FOR Legal Analyst

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Patryk Wachowiec