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FOR Communication 2/2020: Takeover of the German Condor Airline: Propaganda of Success


The acquisition of the German Condor airline is another allegedly unprecedented success in the history of the Polish economy: LOT, formerly notoriously loss-making and destined to close down or, at best, sell to Germany’s Lufthansa, is now, thanks to the "good change", not only finally making a profit, but also developing so rapidly that it is beginning to expand on the German market. Again, one could hear a false narrative by Mateusz Morawiecki about the messianic role of Law and Justice party in the history of the Third Republic of Poland: "Until now, it was foreign companies that took over valuable Polish assets, we reversed this trend, we reversed this phenomenon". The alleged success was supposed to come from the fact that now "Polish companies are managed in a conscious and patriotic way as regards the economic aspects"1. The message, of course, is not reflected in reality, which is often a feature of propaganda.

1 Mateusz Morawiecki during a conference with Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, https://youtu.be/W5OtkI4WUDY.


Full Communication to download can be found below.


Marcin Zieliński, economist

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