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Patryk Wachowiec

Patryk Wachowiec

Education and work experience:

Legal Analyst at the FOR. Previously, he was a parliamentary consultant at the Bureau of Research of the Chancellery of the Sejm where he was providing legal assistance for Deputies and Sejm bodies. His tasks included counselling on a range of legal and systemic topics, in particular analyzing the quality of drafted legal solutions and consulting with the Petitions Committee of the Sejm. He also cooperated with the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD). Since 2015, Wachowiec is a founder and CEO at CADR Institute – foundation aiming particularly to track and improve government transparency and support law simplification. His main interest is constitutional and EU law, as well as government openess. He also holds a degree in European studies from Warsaw University and currently is studying Big Data at the Warsaw School of Economics.



e-mail: patryk.wachowiec@for.org.pl

Selected FOR publications by Patryk Wachowiec: