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Patryk Wachowiec

Patryk Wachowiec

FOR legal analyst since 2017.

He deals with the rule of law, human rights protection, in particular the right to a fair trial, organization of the judiciary and transparency in public life – according to both national and European standards.

In 2013–2017, an employee of the Analysis Bureau of the Polish Parliament, where he prepared legal opinions for MPs and Sejm’s bodies, including the Committee of Petitions, and cooperated with the analytical services of European parliaments under the European Center for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD).

Since 2015, the president of the Center for Research for Development Foundation, working on transparency in public life and conducting strategic litigations.

Founder and co-editor of the English-language website Rule of Law in Poland, covering the rule of law crisis in Poland (from 2019).

In 2021–2022 he was employed as a Research Fellow and Training Cordinator in European Rule of Law at the Bingham Center for the Rule of Law in London, where he dealt with the rule of law in Europe and he prepared training program on the mechanisms for the rule of law protection.

Author of several dozen legal opinions, book chapters and scientific articles in peer-reviewed foreign journals. Adviser in proceedings before courts in England and Scotland in the field of the rule of law in Poland. He participates in the legislative process before the Sejm and the Senate, presenting FOR's positions during parliamentary committees and in writing.

In 2022, he advised the National Bar Council of Attorneys-at-Law on actions leading to protection of human rights and the rule of law.

From 2019, a member of the Professor Zbigniew Hołda’s association. In 2021, he became a member of the Polish Association of European Law associated in the International Federation of European Law (FIDE). Participant of international courses and workshops on, among others management of non-governmental organizations, independence of the judiciary or defense of the rule of law.

From 2018, FOR’S representative to works of the Justice Defense Committee - KOS. Originator and leader of strategic litigations in the field of transparency in public life and respect for the rule of law, for which in 2019 he was nominated for the Gazeta Wyborcza “Man of the Year” award.

Before administrative courts, he caused, among others, the disclosure of lists of supporters of the National Council of the Judiciary and enforced the civic right to enter the sessions of the Sejm. Organizer and participant in scientific conferences and initiatives aimed at popularizing the values of a democratic state ruled by law.

He studied at the European Center of the University of Warsaw, the Lazarski University and the Warsaw School of Economics.

e-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @PatrykWachowiec

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