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Aleksander Łaszek

Aleksander Łaszek

Education and professional experience

Doctor of economics, a graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, TEP member, Chief Economist of FOR and Vice President of its Management Board. In his works, he focuses primarily on issues related to long-term economic growth and structural changes. Joined FOR five years ago. Author of numerous analyzes and educational projects of FOR, such as the Bill from the State or  Estimates of Hidden Debt (state pension liabilities). Author and co-author of texts and analyzes for the Ministry of Regional Development, the Lisbon Council, the Institute for Research in Economics and Fiscal Issues (IREF), the World Bank and others.

Research areas:

  • economic growth,
  • financial crises,
  • public finances,  
  • public debt,
  • social security systems,
  • local government.


e-mail: aleksander.laszek@for.org.pl

Selected FOR publications by Aleksander Łaszek:


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